Saturday, December 20, 2014

Update to The Experiment

Remember that time I applied for

I'm in! The internet thinks I'm beautiful! My whole existence is validated!


This website is super weird.  In addition to being a dating site (maybe?) there is a section for job postings, and a section listing events I can go to and bring friends. Like book launch parties and other sorts of things where they want a bunch of attractive people to show up and make the party look good. I guess.

There's an option to pay for premium access because of course there is. Pass. And now that I'm a member I get to vote on other applicants. The whole thing makes me feel gross. Its superficial and shallow and feels like high school. Except in high school, I'm pretty sure no one thought I was beautiful.

This website is also international. There's the options for job postings and party invites, but the site advertises itself as being a dating website. Which is super helpful if I wanted a boyfriend who lived in England. I'd have so many takers. But that's not really my objective…

And the only local guy checking me out is a very average looking 47 year old. Which is basically old enough to be my dad. I'm definitely in favor of older guys because I have a low tolerance for man-children, but I think 40 is the cutoff.

Look at this douchey email. They want me to tweet that I'm a member and say "I am beautiful. Join my beautiful world, if you can."

Holy Shit. What kind of awful people write this stuff. "Join…if you can"? I will bet my face, my literal face, that the guys who started this website are unattractive, bitter assholes.

I think mostly, I'm already biased against the site because its so superficial. More superficial than Tinder. Part of me also feels "I wouldn't want to be a member of any club that would have me as a member." I don't think of myself as beautiful. And now, seeing that about half the members are pretty average looking, I'm more certain that I'm also average looking. Which is totally fine. I think I'm smart, which is more useful that beautiful.

I highly doubt I'll talk to anyone from this site let alone meet up with them. For a hot minute I was excited about being "beautiful," so there's that.

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