Monday, November 24, 2014

Goodbye Richard

Remember Richard? Oh Richard. We moved too fast but we had fun. We saw each other once a week for a few months. No one talked about this being serious but we did have a discussion that we were only sleeping with each other. I was trying my best to be a "cool girl."

For my birthday in mid August, he took me out for dinner, and go karts and laser tag and ice skating and then a movie at my house. Extra super busy, but fun.

Then just before Labor Day weekend, I needed to cancel our plans. Something came up. Richard was totally fine about it. But he said something that seemed off. I straight up asked, "Do you not want to hang out anymore?" He told me, no that's not it at all. And acted like I was crazy. I apologized and joked about being paranoid.

Then two days later Richard changed his relationship status on Facebook. To "In a Relationship." With some other girl.


Seriously, what the hell? I just gave him an out. I asked if he didn't want to hang out anymore and he was too cowardly to even be honest. And this was all over text! I get that some cowards can't deal with breaking up with someone to their face, but he didn't even have to face me.

I was too stunned and bemused to be sad or mad at first. I was irritated. I was confused. But I didn't feel any great loss. We really did have meaningless sex. I guess I'd never experienced that phenomenon before. I felt used. I felt like an idiot.

I'm frustrated with the way things ended, but I knew he wasn't someone I'd want to spend much more time with. Hell, he lent me a book and I practically speed read it so I'd be done by the next time we hung out. I wanted to be able to give him the book back ASAP. I didn't want anything, even a damn paperback book, to tether us. Richard was a liar and a coward. I didn't see a future with him and I didn't want one with him anyways. I'm moving forward.

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