Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Curious Case of the Ex Husband

My ex-husband and I get along well enough I guess. We keep each other updated about The Kid and are often in the same place at the same time on purpose with no incident. At first this was THE MOST PAINFUL THING EVER, just being around him. He was my first love and huge part of my life. And sure, I asked for the divorce, but its hard to give up on relationship that was such a big part of my life. But its gotten a little easier, by which I mean, after see him, I'm bummed out, but I don't cry. Anymore.

So since we are all friendly-ish, he took The Kid for a few extra days this week since I had the flu. That was super nice and appreciated for sure, just like when he went out of town for some concert, I kept The Kid for a few extra days.

But then he called me. After he assured me that The Kid is alright, He asked how I was feeling. If I remembered to get the oil leak on my car looked at (nope.). Like checking up on me, in a nice way. So that sounds nice and all, but this is a man who doesn't check up on me. I mean, we'd probably still be together if he gave even a passing interest in my well being.

So whatever his motives may or may not be, I'm parlaying this new found goodwill into a birthday party for The Kid. Last year the ex and I took him to a metro bus tunnel to look at trains and light rail trains go by. I know how lazy and stupid this sounds, but The Kid thought it was The Coolest and made us stay and watch buses for 45 minutes.

But for his 3rd birthday, I'm going to put in some effort and throw a party. And since I'm also trying to be nice, I guess I should include the ex and his family.

Except for his middle brother and his wife, because fuck those two forever.

UPDATE: He called again the next day to ask if I was feeling better. What the shit is this?

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