Monday, January 5, 2015

Go The Fuck Away Tom

So I've been detoxing from Tom because a relationship can't work and we can't be friends. We've been talking less and less which is progress. I asked him if he received the Christmas present I sent. He didn't respond so two days later I sent a text saying that if he'll just tell me if the package got there, I'll leave him alone.

Then he's all on my case again. Texting and trying to act like I'm a jerk for not being in constant contact, but offering no explanation for his silence. Which I don't ask about because I don't care and I know he'll make up some elaborate story about why he was too busy to talk to me.

So one fine Saturday, I'm getting ready for a date that I'm really excited about. I even curled by hair, which is EFFORT. So Tom asks what I'm up to, where am I going, who am I going with. The whole line of questioning pisses me off because I don't have to account for my plans to anyone, least of all this dick.

So I answer the question with one or two word answers, just enough to sufficiently answer the question. And he freaks the fuck out. Calling me all sorts of names and telling me to lose his number. I respond "ok" a couple times and "I'm not going to argue about this." Because that's always how he drags me down, telling me I'm a shitty person and then I feel the need to defend myself and then its a whole fight and I'm crying and begging him to take me back.

This time he told me "bye" I said, "ok, feel better!" because he claims to have been in and out of consciousness today (sure, totally) and blocked his number.

Maybe I'm a shitty person, but I think I'll figure it out for myself. Tom keeps saying he's done with me, but now I've called the bluff. I'm done with him. I'm done with him poisoning my self confidence. Poisoning my ability to move forward. Keeping me in purgatory with small bits of flattery.

I'm sure I'll have a night here or there, where I get sad and want him, but I need to remember how he really is, not how I want him to be.

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