Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Brennan and I went on two dates. I'm not planning on any more because this dude is so indecisive. Before each date, approximately 634,681 texts were exchanged trying to figure out where to meet up, what time, what day, where to eat.

Brennan asked me what kind of restaurant we should go to. I said I like all types of food, except for pho. Again, he asked me what kind of restaurant we should go to. I suggested burgers or thai food. Homeboy asked me a third time, where should we eat.

I should have given up at that point but all the rest of our texting and phone call were pleasant and I saw potential. I was wrong. So wrong.

for our first date we met up at Gameworks and played a bunch of games and had a few drinks. It was a decent enough time, but I had to keep choosing what game to play next because Brennan couldn't think for himself apparently.

After Gameworks we went to dinner. It was a decent enough time but we split the bill. Then we went and saw a movie.  And sat through it with no contact. I was getting a little confused. Brennan's inability to make a choice about anything was annoying but he was still nice and cute and I was open to him making a move at the movie theater. Nothing.

Then we went to the parking garage. He had parked on a different floor. So when the doors opened on my floor. I got out, thinking he'd walk me to my car, but I stood outside the elevator doors and said "good bye" as the doors closed and took him to his car.

Ugh. Maybe he wasn't into me. He didn't even try to hold my hand and that was probably the worst good bye I've had in a while.

I was ready to write him off when Brennan texted saying that he had fun and wanted to see me the next night. I basically called him on the weird exit, he apologized and said as soon as the elevator doors closed, he realized he'd blown it.

We went out the next night and it was the same deal. Games, dinner, movie. Split checks all around. Brennan had been talking a big game about wanting to kiss me and cuddle with me. So at the theater, I left the arm rest between us in the upright position and left my hand in such a way that I thought conveyed  I was receptive to hand holding. Nothing happened.

This time, Brennan did walk me to my car and give me an entirely chaste hug. Lame. Again I had mentally written him off. Brennan starts up a conversation via text and I cut to the chase and ask WTF. He tells me that at the movie, he didn't make a move because he was waiting for me to make a move.

Over it. It was a learning experience. I want a "take charge" man. Brennan is not that man. I want a man who can pick a restaurant, will walk me to my car, and recognize the damn signs when a girl he likes is giving him the green light to kiss her.

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