Monday, January 19, 2015


I'm a little bit smitten with Patrick. We've been on 3 dates but have been talking for a month or so. He's definitely a good one.  He's a very gentlemanly, he won't let me pay for anything. Its almost annoying. We went to a movie and I was quicker with my credit card and he was a little salty about it.  The next time we went to dinner, before the check came, he asked if I was going to make a fuss if he paid. Message received! I'll shut up and let you pay.

Patrick has a son almost Kiddo's age. He has a career, in fact, he got a promotion and an award at work just this past week. I see potential here. In fact, Patrick asked me to be his "plus one" to a work dinner. He asked a week or so ago and the dinner is tomorrow. I got my nails done and picked out a dress. This is basically the trophy girlfriend role I've been training for my whole life.

In all candor, I'm a little drunk now, so I'm going to just hit publish and hope my grammar errors aren't too crazy. I'm just so happy happy happy right now. Its that magic phase where everything good is possible. See you later, bitches!

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