Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Sydney and I met on OKCupid. Sid was a big hockey fan, as am I, but we root for rival teams. We had some witty back and forth. We both had very busy schedules (me because I'm a mom, him because he plays on more intramural teams than an overeager college freshman).We set a time to meet for drinks with the caveat that he has another party to be at at 9pm.

This is already a little irritating because it puts a time limit on our date and makes me feel like I'm going to be sandwiched into his schedule. Way to make a girl feel special. I understand it was a first date and he doesn't have to make me feel special, but its not exactly flattering for a date to basically tell you that they can squeeze you in between 6-8. I'm a classy ass bitch, not an appointment to get your teeth cleaned.

I get to the bar first and listen to a drunk girl and her boyfriend argue about what kind of puppy to get. I think they settled on pug. Mazel Tov.

Sid arrives in a raggedy NHL shirt and a fraying baseball cap. He's a little chubbier and balder and shorter than my preference, but I'm trying not to be so judgey. We start to talk about hockey, he talks about his very large family, he talks about his job, he talks about the trip he is taking next week, he talks about the party he is going to after our date. He talks and talks and talks.

I play along with this because I like to hear about other people and because people like to talk about themselves and they like people who let them talk about themselves. We had two or three drinks and then he realizes he is late to his party. He does pick up the tab (+1!) and asks me to drive him around the corner to his house.

I drop Sid off in his driveway and we make out because I like kissing and he likes me. He continues to text me throughout the night while at the party, getting progressively more drunk. He asks what I'm doing the next day and I list a few activities, including a first date with someone else. (a story for another day). He insists I should cancel the date. Sid says we have a connection and that I should not go out with anyone else. This pisses me right the hell off because 1) we went on one date and I don't owe him shit and 2) I never like being told what to do. I tell him I'm going on the other date tomorrow, end of discussion.

The next morning, more sober, Sid apologizes for being so bossy. He further explains he is just worried that I will like this other guy more. I tell him I can't make any promises. Sid says that he really feels a connection between us and throughout the whole date had a feel in he described as "Why did it take so long to meet you?" While this should be adorable, I'm put off because he only likes me because he knows nothing about me.

Our busy schedules keep us from meeting up again but we text often. One day my buddy Steph was meeting me after work for dinner at my house. She has the access code for my garage and for some reason this came up in discussion with Sid. Sid's response is to say "I'm glad you are having a friend over. I worry about you living on your own."  WHAT THE FUCK? I'm a grown ass woman you barely know. It offends me that anyone would think I'm not capable of living by myself.

I ignore this comment and Sid for the better part of a day. I relate this story to my mom who deems this "sweet that he worries about you." Have I overreacted? I resume texting Sid and ignore the "living on your own" comment.

Sid goes out of town for a week and our contact is sporadic. I don't care because I'm barely invested in this guy. Then one fine morning, I wake up to a text from Sid, "I'm so sorry but I realized I'm in love with one of my friends that I've known forever. We can still be hockey watching friends if you want."


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