Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Jesse's Girl

In high school I made a lot of stupid decisions. Shocking right?

My friend Krissy and I went through a phase where we thought 80s music was the shit. All 80s all the time. Of course, this included the Rick Springfield classic "Jesse's Girl." I needed to be Jesse's girl.

Another friend Elle started dating some Forgettable Guy who went to a public school. Since I moved mid-high school, I only had friends from school. Since it was a private school it was smallish. So public school guys were an untapped market for me.

Forgettable Guy (FG from here on out) was from the wrong side of the tracks according to Elle's mom and she was forbidden to see him. But much like Romeo and Juliet, love, (or teenage hormone fueled lust) found a way. Elle and I would tell our moms we were at the library. Elle and FG would make out at his house and I would entertain myself. Until FG found a friend for me.

His name was Jesse. I have to use his real name because its the whole reason he was briefly a part of my life. He wasn't particularly attractive but he had an electric confidence that drew me in anyways. He was a sloppy kisser. His tongue seemed to be three sizes too big. He was forever drinking some flavor of Sobe that made his mouth taste all coconut-y which was disgusting to me.

Twas a brief fling that lasted no more than a month, which is around the time Elle decided FG wasn't worth her time either. But now I can say, damn right Rick Springfield, I was (briefly) Jesse's girl.


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