Tuesday, October 7, 2014

David #2

So remember David? Right. For some reason (*cough* low self esteem *cough*), I agreed to go out with David again.

This time I drove over to his neck of the woods. At this point, its relevant to mention that although David has approximately seven jobs, he did not have a permanent place of residence. He lived on the second floor of his friend's business. The first floor of the building was a very industrial space with saw dust and metal shavings everywhere and large pieces of machinery that I have no idea as to their function or name.

David showed me around and he let me use the huge machines on scrap wood and metal. Another unconventional date, but interesting at least.

Side note, weird, uncomfortable, scary, awkward and unconventional are all preferable to me than boredom. I cannot stand a boring date.

So David continues the tour and shows me a space at the back of the building. The building is very old and this particular room, as he shows me, is entirely insulated by horsehair. Its completely sound proof. Because I am a paranoid person, I immediately begin plotting an escape. I am not going to be murdered in the soundproof room in an industrial neighborhood at 7 on a Tuesday. I won't allow it. never mind that David is 8 inches taller and at least 100 lbs heavier.

I plan a doomed escape for about 5 minutes. David is a perfectly nice guy. He likes me a whole lot and during the tour, stops every five minutes or so to make out with me. He is definitely in the top 5 of all time best kissers. But I can't shake the uneasy feeling. Frankly, he scares me. I have no reason for it, its just an instinct, which for the time being, I ignore.

David drives my car to a nearby Taco Truck. He forgot or "forgot" his wallet so I buy the tacos and horchata. David is not shy and not boring. He's tall and handsome and strong. But something feels off.

We go back to the industrial business' building and go upstairs to the area where David is staying. Its a large sectional couch with a TV. Its basically the very casual break room for the office workers at this company. I have serious concerns that David is homeless or a squatter. Inexplicably I stay because I don't want to be rude and know that if I didn't want me to leave, he could easily physically prevent me from leaving.

David turns on the TV and puts on the Discovery channel if I recall correctly. We start making out and are naked rather quickly. I feel bad for kicking him out of my house so quickly last time so I let him go down on me. I'm way too stressed for an orgasm to be possible so I return the favor to completion. He gives me a backrub and comments on how tense I seem. When I feel like I've stayed long enough to be a good guest (wtf is wrong with me?) I say my goodbyes and leave.

And I still didn't learn my lesson. I know, I know, shake your head at me but there is a David #3 entry in our future. Not long after the "date" described above David left to work in another state for the summer. We kept in contact throughout and I was eagerly awaiting his return. I guess because he liked me. Even though I had serious reservations about him.

Guys, I'm kind of a disaster and this blog could go on for quite a while because I sure know how to pick em!

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