Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Weekend Boyfriend

From May to July I was single and living it up, which for me means juggling a few guys, getting attached to no one, repeat, repeat, repeat until I feel like a slut and settle down for a relationship.

Sammy is out, Bentley is in.
Bentley is in the military, my height, solid body, a cute accent, he could keep up with witty banter and had an unusual piercing which was kind of a fun novelty.

Twice a month, he would come over and spend the weekend with me. He missed cooking so we'd go to the grocery store and he'd cook for me all weekend. He did a few minor repairs around the house, snuggled on the couch and watched Game of Thrones with me and we had ridiculous chemistry.

We always intended for this to be a a friends with benefits arrangement but he liked getting out of the barracks and I liked being cooked for. Bentley was due to get out of the military in October and would be moving back to his family in the south and figuring out what to do with his life. There was absolutely no long term potential which was fine with me.

But then Bentley started texting me. All. The. Time. When he had long shifts at work, when he was away on temporary duty assignments, when he was bored, when he woke up, and on and on and on. He's a totally nice guy, but this is not the deal we made. I was willing to be his friend, but not interested in being his emotional support system around the clock.

I had the kid for a weekend, then was out of town for a week, then kept delaying seeing Bentley again. How do you break up with a friend you fuck?
I decided to do it over text because it wasn't a real relationship. I told him we couldn't sleep together any more, and after assuring him that he hadn't upset me in any way, he was fine with it. Thank god. And we legitimately are friends now. We still text, I'm guilty of dodging him a bit, but he's funny and interesting and I don't regret the weekends we spent together.

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